Rustic Lamb, Eggplant, and Mint

Finished dish served over a small scoop of rice.

We have 80 sheep coming today! “Ed the Sheep Guy” is bringing 45 babies and their Mommies to mow our vineyard and hillsides. Sheep are fantastic helpers when you grow organic grapes. They eat the weeds down to the nibs, aerate the soil with their hooves, and fertilize with their epic amounts of poop. And at the end of the spring? … Continue reading

Easy. Tasty. Healthy. In 25 Minutes

Broccoli Rabe brings the color and green bite.

This is the simplest, mostly vegetarian, yummy dish I’ve made in awhile. We enjoyed as an entree but could easily be served as a side to grilled chicken or pork chops! You must make it this weekend. Brocoli Rabe, Lemons, and Beans ingredients 5 garlic cloves 1.5 lemons 1 bunch Brocoli rabe 2 15 oz cans of cannellini beans 1 … Continue reading

How to Botch Eggplant Parmesan

Saved by blistered Cheese and fresh chopped Basil!

“I’m not white. I’m Italian!” Declared my Dean some years ago. I laughed uproariously.  But have since come to know this as one of his core Truths. And now it’s one of our Family Truths here in my Kitchen. I’ve learned to cook many a rustic Italian dish from Dean and his family over the years and then on my … Continue reading

Pickled Onion Goodness

Prep work in process

Thanks to foodie friends on Instagram, I have a new favorite homemade garnish: Pickled Red Onions!  Easy to make. Quick to “pickle.” Great on pretty much everything, this garnish is a sure hit. Slice 2-3 red onions the thickness you desire (thin or thick, it doesn’t matter). Take one mason jar (whatever size) and fill lightly packed with sliced red … Continue reading

Spinach Hummus

Finished product -- easy peasy!

For years, I’ve heard “just make your own hummus!” But it seemed so much easier just to buy local hummus — being Sonoma County, having at least three local hummus options to choose from is as normal as owning Birkenstocks. So why make fresh? Here’s why — holy amazingness!!! And I’m guessing you have the ingredients in your kitchen. Right … Continue reading

Thai Turkey Lettuce Cups

The Finished Product!

We made Spicy Thai Lettuce Wraps last night. This dish is quick and easy. Thanks to Taylor Eason (.com) for the initial recipe. Here, I’ve bumped up the spices and added garlic and hot sauce to kick things up a notch. I’ve spent too much time in Asia not to need that good “burn” at the end of a plate! … Continue reading

SALADS: A Return to Slim

Baby Kale, Radicchio, Endive and Kalamata Olives Salad

There comes a point in every Cook’s life where our pants get just a touch too snug. Where the jovial meals with loved ones catch up to us. And muffin-top and tight zippers crash our happy post-holiday selves. This is when Dean and I know it’s time to “TurboCharge.”  To recover our healthy bodies and clean systems. I’ve been posting … Continue reading


Cooking tips for new fruits is but a few letters and a "Send" away

Several years back I was eating enchiladas and salsa verde with baby Anni in my favorite throw-down Mexican restaurant. A foursome in the booth behind me elevated their voices for a ridiculous amount of time complaining about Facebook and social media. “How it’s never going to last”… I was all-hands-on-deck with my infant but those sentiments and the strident “know … Continue reading

The Night Our Sheep Scared Away Coyotes

Welcome to the Farm!

The Night Our Sheep Scared Away the Coyotes. All of them. One cold morning in early Spring, Ed “the Sheep Guy” brought 60 sheep here to Annadel. 30 Lambs and 30 Mamas (approximately).  We gathered friends with wee Littles and toasted these babies and mommies with chilled bubbles as they lept from Ed’s trailer into our hibernating Merlot & Cabernet … Continue reading


A New Era.

I pulled on my beloved, well-worn beach cover-up today and felt… Silly.  I looked…SILLY. Like my old beach combing shift was too… “Young” for me. I mean, I have been wearing it since my late 20s… But how on this random Sunday, did it no longer “fit?” My husband charitably said casually later, “well, you’re not a kid anymore.” Well DUH. … Continue reading