Broccoli Rabe Lasagna: Dish 5 of What to Make Now from the Farmers Market

I promise this delicious dish redeems that hideous plate of mulch I posted last week! Broccoli Rabe (Raab) or Broccolini is everywhere right now. These baby broccoli are flavorful, verdant and, I bet, in copious amounts at your local Farmer’s Market. This recipe is a more of an Italian twist on a recent New York […]

Dish 4: What NOT to Make from the Farmers Market

Oh dear Christ, this was a hideous experiment. I’ve been spot on and feeling rather proud these past few weeks of relatively impromptu cooking and writing here. But this? Oh God. It was like eating Lawn.  Pretty. But totally wretched. To be fair, I added far too many Pea Shoots. But they smelled so delicious! […]

When great Food, Wine, and Service matter most…

Lights are dimming on the life of my Grandmother. My exquisitely vibrant, warm, nipped waist, full bosom, big lipstick, bigger smile grandmother. Mom and I sat with her a good nine hours today. All of my Palmer family has been flying in and visiting her. The end is near. Mom and I slipped out for lunch […]