Let’s Hear It For The Mediterranean Diet!!

The New York Times just published a great Front Page article today in Health.  I have to tell you about it.  You know I love how we eat here at Annadel and overall in Sonoma Wine Country.  Selfishly, I am a HUGE advocate of REAL foods, REAL fats, and REAL wine — a.k.a. the Mediterranean Diet — because […]

Artichokes: Proof that God loves us.

Artichokes comprise perhaps the single most complete, sensuously pleasing meal.  Leaves softened by steam torn from the flower bulb and dipped into homemade, garlicky aioli before the tender fleshy base of each leaf is skinned clean by teeth. Initially painted with some vague aphrodisiac quality, the artichoke caught on because of its hearty vegetable stalk, […]