Gingerbread House Adventures — Part V

Finale!  We did it!  Sort of. Anni and I seized the day! And tackled the final stage of our Gingerbread House Castle:  the Assembly and Decoration.  We pulled up the “Royal Icing” recipe and measured out our ingredients: 3 & 3/4 cup powdered sugar, 2 eggs, and 1 tspn vanilla extract. Disclaimer: The recipe actually […]

Gingerbread House Adventures — Part IV

Our four flat Gingerbread House walls are still on my kitchen counter, on my favorite green cutting board, and draped in a clean dish cloth.  Waiting to be pasted together with sugary icing and holiday cheer.  While I have decorated the rest of the house merrily, it has been a whole SEVEN DAYS since starting […]

Gingerbread House Adventures — Part III

DISASTER Anni and I continued where we left off and began drafting plans for our Gingerbread Princess Castle on parchment paper.  Note to readers: children’s washable Crayola markers is not ideal for castle renderings. After much (one sided) deliberation on turrets, we devolved into breaking out the bag of Mint M&Ms intended for decoration…and opt […]