Bar cubes

Did you know that if you use distilled water for homemade ice cubes, your ice will last twice as long in your evening cocktails? And drinks taste better. Restaurants and bars use professional filtration systems to create clear, long lasting ice — freezing water quickly to prevent bubbles.  Clear ice “isn’t just for show: Its […]

Don’t Be A Cheeto: Happily Eating “Unhealthily”

“How are you so thin??”  I heard this today from a very lovely woman visiting our winery.  She expressed shock and horror that a.) I eat bread and pasta and cheese regularly and b.) that I am 5 months pregnant. How to answer? I’ve been mulling it over since and decided to inflict you good […]

“Cork Dorks” vs. the Wine Aroma Wheel

Much has been written, and even more said, on the subject of Wine.  Wine has been produced for literally thousands of years.  The earliest known production appears in the archaeological record around 6,000 BC in Georgia — that’s the late Neolithic era people!   And the last 40 years of cross-cultural competition and technological improvements […]

Moroccan Lamb Casserole with Preserved Lemons

I refuse to be one of those foodies who turn their nose up at magazine rack food rags.  A great recipe is a great recipe, no matter from where it originates.   This one is from “Ultimate Casseroles” special publication (pg 57) that hit stands courtesy of Better Home & Gardens in 2012. I have made […]