Epic Disaster

I may have made one of the worst meals of my entire life last night.  And that’s saying something — considering my dabbling in cinder-brick Asian noodles ca. 2008.

But this dish looked so good (and easy!) in the magazine.  Nothing is worse than seeing a fetching dish photographed in a food magazine — Only to make it and end up with a big, goopey mess.  You know it’s bad when your dear, sweet friends take bites and all quietly look around for what’s in reach, what new thing to add to improve this wreckage — pepper, more cheese, salt.  Even Anni reached for more cheese.  And she’s 2. 

For lunch today, leftovers were no better.  No ingredient improved with time spent together.  Dean reheated this disaster for lunch today and after half a plate, enough food to kill the pain, he said to our child, “Here Anni, we have a special garbage can for this pasta.”

So learn from me fearless food friends! Trying new things is good.  But never add cinnamon and cloves to rigatoni with cauliflower and broccoli.  Ever!  No matter how pretty that glossy picture.

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