Dish 3: How to Eat Now from the Farmers Market

ROAST A BIRD  Roasting a Chicken is always delicious. Roasting a Chicken steaming itself in Garlic, herbs, fresh lemon and white wine? Meteoric gorgeousness. And beyond simple. You will need: 1 small roasting chicken (2.75-4 lbs) from your Farmers Market or local butcher 2 heads of garlic 3 Meyer Lemons Fresh herbs: I bought Thyme but […]

Pearls in the Kitchen

My llittle Anni loves clothes. She came out practically twirling in Fuscia tutu and matching lipgloss. Which has been a source of merriment for her more inherently casual parents.  Now don’t get me wrong.  We both own some phenomenal clothes. For Special Occassions or Trips to the City. Dean’s bespoke tuxedo by Valentino and tailored Zegna from Milan. […]

Part 2: How to Eat Now from the Farmers Market

Welcome to Part 2 of What to Eat Now from the Farmers Market!  I promised you all food and little rhetoric. So here goes:  Spring has definitely “sprung” and our local Farmers Markets are alive with fresh bouquets of flowers, spring vegetables, and juicy crops of late winter citrus (I couldn’t resist). This dish is an amalgamation […]

Part 1: What to Eat NOW from the Farmers Market

Mary “MFK” Fisher wrote once about the silly way Americans have been taught to ‘need’ three big, complex meals a day. That in Europe, food consumption is generally more simple. I’m paraphrasing here but her words changed how I ate — and cooked — immediately. And what is more fun than shopping at your weekly […]

Mama Sheep vs baby Lambs = Fight Club. The Bitches.

We love “our” Sheep.  Every year, “Ed the Sheep Guy” brings us a whole flock of mamas and babies to mow our Vineyards before “budbreak” — when the vines swell tiny buds into growing the new Vintage.  This year, Ed brought us 90 sheep.  A good 50 of them baby Lambs. Sheep are fantastic at […]