Rustic Lamb, Eggplant, and Mint

We have 80 sheep coming today! “Ed the Sheep Guy” is bringing 45 babies and their Mommies to mow our vineyard and hillsides. Sheep are fantastic helpers when you grow organic grapes. They eat the weeds down to the nibs, aerate the soil with their hooves, and fertilize with their epic amounts of poop. And at […]

Easy. Tasty. Healthy. In 25 Minutes

This is the simplest, mostly vegetarian, yummy dish I’ve made in awhile. We enjoyed as an entree but could easily be served as a side to grilled chicken or pork chops! You must make it this weekend. Brocoli Rabe, Lemons, and Beans ingredients 5 garlic cloves 1.5 lemons 1 bunch Brocoli rabe 2 15 oz […]

Pickled Onion Goodness

Thanks to foodie friends on Instagram, I have a new favorite homemade garnish: Pickled Red Onions!  Easy to make. Quick to “pickle.” Great on pretty much everything, this garnish is a sure hit. Slice 2-3 red onions the thickness you desire (thin or thick, it doesn’t matter). Take one mason jar (whatever size) and fill […]