Hawaiiana Sunday

One of the more poignant lessons I’ve learned as a haole newbie to the Polynesian Triangle, is the lessons in Aloha. It’s been a cool word to use as a tourist to say “hello” or “goodbye” but Nana sent me a link to a tutorial when we first properly moved here and it stuck.

You drive tons slower to let people turn left in front of you. Share your food or catch with neighbors. To always bring something edible. And my favorite, when you get given something in a bag like candy bananas or Tupperware like pesto,return it clean BUT with something in it as thanks.

I’ve been thinking about this a lot this week. About our “Kuleana” to each other — which translates to our responsibility for our neighbors and families. To take care and support. To make well.

Maybe it’s Dean testing Covid negative, feeling stronger every week, and Bodie finally being “home,” but I am grateful to be 42 and still learning how to live a better life. Just my two cents this sleepy Sunday. 🙏🏻💙

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