Harvest “Salad” with Duck Confit

HARVEST “SALAD” Once the weather properly cools and it’s really “Fall”, I can pretty much guarantee I’ll gain a good 3-4 pounds. In about a week. Something about the heart warming smells and tastes of slow cooked, rich foods that makes me not care (too much) about a slight increase in girth. Out comes my […]

Last Night with the Old Girl

Tonight is the last night with our old stove.  Our Occidental Automatic ca. 1941.  She has turned an obvious corner and become unsafe.  She isn’t lighting, no longer holds consistent temperatures, burps tufts of gas, and her enamel between the 2nd and 3rd burners has cracked a good five inches. I’m not surprised this day […]

Happy “Croque Madames” for All Ages — in 25 minutes.

I recently read an article in the Huffington Post from a new Mama of two taking it easy on herself in a constant pursuit to lose the “baby weight.” Her words rang true to this new-ish Mama of two and in the spirit of happy gastronomy, I am back to cooking more than kale salads. […]

Curry Chicken Salad Over Baby Kale. With a Side of Politics.

A good friend from my old life popped in for a short visit this past Saturday. I was knee-deep in my family reunion and had 40 wonderful Palmers running about so she couldn’t stay long.  But today, while the kids nap a bit longer (a joy unto itself!), I find myself remembering my life before […]

Once in a Great While, Your Favorite New Dessert Hugs you “Hello!”

And this is that very moment. Crisps are long time Farmhouse favorites.  Easy to make.  Everybody loves them.  If you char it a touch? Eh, what the hell — Add great quality vanilla ice cream. Do me a favor? Use Light Muscovado sugar.  It really is a divine supplement to traditional brown sugar…which I find […]

Wilson’s Salad — your new Summer staple!

    It’s turning warm out.  Downright hot for some of you.  And here in Sonoma, the greens are starting to ripen and gathering at Farmer’s Markets is a community staple.  Salads are now the perfect meal.  Here is one that my stepdad Wilson shared with us last month and we’ve enjoyed every week since. […]