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Our new 2014 Chardonnay label of me by friend and famed artist Dennis Ziemienski

Our new to-be 2016 white blend, wine label (of me) painted by friend and famed artist Dennis Ziemienski

I quit NASA after 10 years in public service, took about a 92% pay cut and embarked on new life as a “Cellar Rat” making wine. Committing myself whole hog to a healthier, seasonal, fully artistic life in Sonoma Valley.  That was October 2007. True love brought me “home” to cooking in 2008 when I met Dean. And fell head over heels all over again — for him in Love. For Food. And Food Writing. Food History. And Cheese. Wine has always been my mistress.

We cook every night … as candidly no one wants us dining out right now with two wee tykes.  I profess that a classically trained chef, I am not.  Rather, I am a kitchen cook.  A food lover cooking earnestly in our old Victorian farmhouse at Annadel Estate Winery here in Sonoma.  We literally live “Between Wars.” Our walls are horse-hair and plaster and my 1941 Occidental Automatic stove — which we found in the Carriage House — we just modernized to a 6 burner, 2 stove Wolf Range.

Sonoma Valley — really, the whole County —  is a return to basics.  A giant step away from gridlock and desks and clocked-in and clocked-out days.  A blue-skies return to the clean rhythms of seasons and harvests in grapes, vegetables, olives and food stuffs.  Eating as close to the source is a way of life in Sonoma.  For me and our little family, good food, art, and real wine proof of Love. For each other. Our Family. And Friends.

I hope you find warmth and joy in the recipes and my words.  I don’t always get to post properly here so if you’re on Facebook (Abi’s Farmhouse Kitchen) or Instagram (@abisfarmhousekitchen) follow me there for daily foodie fun and recipes.

Happy Cooking, Eating, & Sipping!

Abigail Zimmerman Bordigioni

Sipping our Rosé next to our Vineyards here at Annadel Estate.

Sipping our Rosé next to our Vineyards here at Annadel Estate.


18 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Oh Abi this is splendid! And I never use that word…not even sure where it came from.

    I think this is wonderful and I look forward to reading your posts and hopefully jot down some of your mouth watering recipes.

    • Thanks Cecilia! It’s been a while coming. I just had to get past the whole “I don’t want to be an ego maniac” thing! Definitely a pursuit of passions. 🙂

  2. You are an inspiration to so many people!! WOW I love your ideas and art work!! Thank you for sharing!! See you very soon!

  3. Hi Ray, just wanted to thank you for tiellng us about Francis Ford Coppola Winery. It was great. We tasted some wine, took the tour and had lunch by the pool. A great place to spend the day. Next time we come by, we will plan for a Thursday night for food and music. Thanks againJohn & Angela

  4. We will be vactioning in Northern California this seummr and plan to spend a couple of days in Sonoma. Would anyone be able to suggest a must-go-to winery? We are interested in a winery where the staff is fun, down to earth, (ok-not a snob winery) tours are available, a wonderful experience for people from the Midwest ( Minnesota) !Thanks for your suggestions.

  5. Hey Abi and Dean- Hope all is well. Just wanted to say how much we enjoyed our visit. You both were so kind to both Melissa and I and made our getaway to Sonoma all the more special. Can’t wait for our wine to arrive so we can be taken back to the wonderful morning at the estate where we shared wine, banana bread and a good cry! Wishing you a happiest of holidays!
    Joshua and Melissa!

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