The Best Hot Dog. Ever.

Spicy Island Dog from Gill's Lanai on the Big Island

Spicy Island Dog from Gill’s Lanai on the Big Island

I dream ALL year about Gill’s Spicy Island Dog. The most glorious of treats.  A Hot Dog so divine that you just know your ass is expanding with every bite. And what’s more? You don’t care. In fact, you’re coming back for seconds.

A cooked-to-perfection Louisiana Hot Link topped by tropical fruit relish, Lillikoi mustard, and chopped tangy onions. All snugly tucked into the freshest of fresh sweet Hawaiian bread rolls. I add more heat, mind you, with Hawaiian Hot Sauce from the Condiments Safe.

Just keep circling! They'll be open at some point! :)

Just keep circling! They’ll be open at some point! 🙂

I shouldn’t be surprised Gill knows dogs. He hails from Ventura County in Southern California. A local now in North Kohala, “Gill’s Lanai” is a must-stop for foodies looking for this perfect Hot Dog or some epic fish tacos (Dean’s favorite) served up with made-to-order tortilla chips and salsa.  Amazingly enough, for a restaurant as highly rated, reviewed, and even hailed in the pages of Vogue magazine, Gill’s still feels like a sleepy surfer spot.

Bringing the "A" Game: Gill, Alexis, and Natasha.

Bringing the “A” Game: Gill, Alexis, and Natasha.


If you’re not headed to Hawaii any time soon you can friend Gill’s Lanai on Facebook or follow Gill on Instagram @raspujim. I’m doing both.

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