The Perfect Waffle and The Importance of Butter

For weeks, I wondered what to say at Mima’s funeral. I truly thought about just reciting her Buttermilk Waffles recipe. But flying down on Friday, the stewardess gave me a free glass of white wine. Anni played a new Dinosaur game. And inspiration struck: “The morning after Mima died, I was surprised how much harder her death hit me. I … Continue reading

Modernly Thankful

My hunky husband is a bit of a naysayer on this whole social media “thing” of mine. Lately, enough to make me stop and think about why it is I enjoy sharing this lovely, beaded-brow world of food and wine with friends, acquaintances, and now a surprising number of global strangers.  I am first, honored. THANK YOU. And second, sincerely … Continue reading

Broccoli Rabe Lasagna: Dish 5 of What to Make Now from the Farmers Market

I promise this delicious dish redeems that hideous plate of mulch I posted last week! Broccoli Rabe (Raab) or Broccolini is everywhere right now. These baby broccoli are flavorful, verdant and, I bet, in copious amounts at your local Farmer’s Market. This recipe is a more of an Italian twist on a recent New York Times Food piece. We lighten … Continue reading

Dish 4: What NOT to Make from the Farmers Market

Oh dear Christ, this was a hideous experiment. I’ve been spot on and feeling rather proud these past few weeks of relatively impromptu cooking and writing here. But this? Oh God. It was like eating Lawn.  Pretty. But totally wretched. To be fair, I added far too many Pea Shoots. But they smelled so delicious! And really, why plane wild … Continue reading

When great Food, Wine, and Service matter most…

Lights are dimming on the life of my Grandmother. My exquisitely vibrant, warm, nipped waist, full bosom, big lipstick, bigger smile grandmother. Mom and I sat with her a good nine hours today. All of my Palmer family has been flying in and visiting her. The end is near. Mom and I slipped out for lunch (and fresh air). She remembered … Continue reading


I have to write a Bio on myself.  My Solo Art Show is rapidly approaching in June.  Not only do I need to finish another 3, maybe 4, proper paintings but now I need to write a Bio.  Lord help me.  For the life of me I can’t think of what to say. It’s easy to present yourself as this … Continue reading

Dish 3: How to Eat Now from the Farmers Market

ROAST A BIRD  Roasting a Chicken is always delicious. Roasting a Chicken steaming itself in Garlic, herbs, fresh lemon and white wine? Meteoric gorgeousness. And beyond simple. You will need: 1 small roasting chicken (2.75-4 lbs) from your Farmers Market or local butcher 2 heads of garlic 3 Meyer Lemons Fresh herbs: I bought Thyme but have Sage and Rosemary growing in … Continue reading

Pearls in the Kitchen

My llittle Anni loves clothes. She came out practically twirling in Fuscia tutu and matching lipgloss. Which has been a source of merriment for her more inherently casual parents.  Now don’t get me wrong.  We both own some phenomenal clothes. For Special Occassions or Trips to the City. Dean’s bespoke tuxedo by Valentino and tailored Zegna from Milan. My cocktail sheaths and Dolce … Continue reading

Delicious, Throw Down Shrimp Curry

The fastest, most delicious, and throw down Shrimp Curry Recipe. So fast I can write this up over a cup of coffee and make it with a fussy toddler on my hip. For Amada & BIG THANKS to Asha Food Fashion Party for 95% of this amazing Recipe! ingredients (& feel free to play with the amounts but not the process.) … Continue reading

Part 2: How to Eat Now from the Farmers Market

Welcome to Part 2 of What to Eat Now from the Farmers Market!  I promised you all food and little rhetoric. So here goes:  Spring has definitely “sprung” and our local Farmers Markets are alive with fresh bouquets of flowers, spring vegetables, and juicy crops of late winter citrus (I couldn’t resist). This dish is an amalgamation from a Morning Glory Farms … Continue reading