Gingerbread House Adventures — Part III


Anni and I continued where we left off and began drafting plans for our Gingerbread Princess Castle on parchment paper.  Note to readers: children’s washable Crayola markers is not ideal for castle renderings.

After much (one sided) deliberation on turrets, we devolved into breaking out the bag of Mint M&Ms intended for decoration…and opt for a simple, box-like structure.  Think early Celts, not Baroque anything.

Mixing sugar and plans may not have been the best idea

As you can imagine, her resulting sugar rush led to an afternoon free of naps — for either of us.  So we rolled out our now firm cookie dough on a lightly floured surface.  Giddy from high fructose corn syrup and crunchy chocolate candy, we enthusiastically rolled out a lovely gingerbread plank… that started to systematically crack everywhere.   And crack and crack and crack and crack.  The absolute, very best we came up with was this:

Cracks everywhere

So we skipped the carefully drawn out Castle plans in favor of the “how-many-walls-can-Mom-fit-within-this-gingerbread-thing?” approach.  The answer?  Four.  Four baked askew, slightly charred Gingerbread Castle walls.

What remains...

But I think we can work with this!  Making a sort of ruins-esque Castle with sugar piping and plenty of sugary, gummy bits colored to sort of resemble vegetation….? Yes?   But Tomorrow.  Little Miss is practically twirling in circles as she comes down from a rare processed sugars high and this preggo needs carbs.

And yes, we did in fact make “Frankenstein cookies”.  Et Viola!

Frankenstein Airplanes

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